Mothers day craft for kids with free printable

Mother’s Day Card Craft Ideas for Kids. Free Printable.

If you are looking for fun project ideas, you have come to the right place. This Mother’s Day Card Craft is simple and creative. Grab my free template below, and let’s get to work. Be ready for a joyful time of crafting and entertaining with your kid.

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This card is very simple yet engaging to make, and you won’t need any sophisticated knowledge or tools to manufacture it. All the equipment can be found in your house.

Supplies Needed for Mother’s Day Craft Card:

  • Free downloadable template;
  • Your favorite picture;
  • Scissors, glue, and printer;
  • White cardstock 8.5″ x 11.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Mother's Day Card Craft

Select the template you like, it includes 3 different variations for you to choose from. And print it out on white cardstock. Harts sheet can be printed on the color paper or white using a color printer.

Step 2:

Find the most favorite image of your kid, or two of you together.

Step 3:

Mother's Day Card Craft

Cut out the square window on a printed cardstock, following the dotted stroke. Cut out hearts from the paper. 

Step 4:

Fold cardstock in half to make your card.

Step 5:

Mother's Day Card Craft

Inside the fold on the opposite side from the cutout window, glue the image you picked. 

Step 6:

Mother's Day Card Craft

Fold harts in two and glue them to the card as you like. On my card, I only glued one hart on the back and one on the top of the animal belly (front of the card), but you can place, as many harts as your kid likes and created a slightly different composition.

Step 7:

Encourage your child to write some verses inside the card or skip this step.

Your Mother’s Day card is complete. Write a few wishes inside the card before you give it to Mom or Grandma her card. 

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