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How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins | Drive Clicks in 2020

Are you struggling to get clicks to your blog or website? Do you want to learn how to create Pinterest pins that will convert to clicks? Keep reading to learn how to create an original pin on Pinterest and viral pin checklist. 

Creating an attractive Pinterest image might come easy for some, but most find it a challenge. If you are reading this, I would guess you want to start designing better Pins to drive traffic to your blog. And you are on the right track. Even the most sophisticated pinning strategies won’t work for you if you don’t get your pin design right. It doesn’t matter how many times Pinterest will show your Pin if the image isn’t eye-catching, supported by loud headline people won’t click on it. You will find all you need in this visual guide to creating the absolute best images for your content.

To me, creating pins is like adding a cherry to the cake. My absolute favorite stage, in the blogging process. I have been a graphic and web designer for the past five years and simply love everything about visual storytelling.

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  7. Should You Use Pinterest Pin Templates?
  8. Viral Pin Checklist

How Pinterest Works?

It’s vital to understand how people use Pinterest before I delve into the visual strategy for your blog. Let’s take a minute to break down why visuals are essential to this platform?

1. Its a Visual Search Engine.

Pinterest is different from all other social media platforms we already adopted. It’s a combination of social media(Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and search engines (google, bing, etc.). Something similar to when you type a question in Google, and instead of going through written results, filter your view to the image tag. That’s the way people consume content on Pinterest. You have to stop the scroll and force people to click on your content, that is the only way to be successful on Pinterest.

2. People Come to Get Inspired.

The other important thing to keep in mind when creating your pins is that people come to Pinterest to discover ideas, like recipes, home and style, and more. They do not seek a specific solution to their problem, so they are often open to multiple solutions.

Pinterest Business Account vs Personal

I just want to mention a great feature you should be using, if you are planning to make the most out of Pinterest for your business, make sure to have Business Account activated. It comes with many excellent functions, like build in analytic to track the success of your pins, rich pins. Also, Pinterest will regularly update you with valuable tips to help you improve your account. And of course, with the Business account, you can promote your content.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Please follow this link link 

Pinterest Best Practices.

To get the best result out of Pinterest, make sure to have your profile ready.

1. Well Thought Profile

Examine your profile, and fill all the fields that Pinterest gives you with proper descriptions and high volume keywords in your niche. When people come to your page, they should know exactly what to expect from you.

2. Professional Look

Have a professional headshot for your profile picture, beautiful and optimizes pin designs for all of your blog posts, opt-ins, freebies, and any products you offer.

3. Optimized Boards

Have at least ten boards with 20 pins. When people come to your profile, they need some content to browse around. Create a separate board exclusively for your blog. Do not use fancy board’s name. Ensure the title and board description are keywords utilize.

4. Consistent Activity

Pinterest loves stability and will benefit your profile for it. Pin every day the same amount of pins. If you don’t have enough of your own content yet, just pin other people stuff.. Or give your profile a seasonal fresh up, and design new images for your old posts. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add some keywords to the image name, avoid generic “img-234”, “background-4567” names. 

How to Create an Original Pin on Pinterest.

Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins that is original

February 2020, Pinterest announced the changes in algorithms. According to their new rules, they will be prioritizing new content in 2020 over the old ones. Pinterest representatives noted that newly created pins are generally getting a better response from pinners. But what do Pinterest consider a Fresh Pin?🤔 According to Tailwind, the “fresh pin” is the one that combines a new visual image and a unique URL. It tells me that now is a great moment to focus on adding new content regularly.

How to Create a Pin for Pinterest:

Step 1: Find Relevant Keywords.

pinterest seo 2019 keywords research tool

Keywords are short or long phrases that people search regularly. Google keeps track of the number some keywords are being inputted into the search and gives us the data. Since Pinterest is its own search engine, you can find relevant keywords directly on the platform. Just type your phrase into the search, and Pinterest will give you suggestions on what else people are looking for. The most searched values will appear in the left corner; the search value gradually decreases from left to right.

Step 2: Understand the context.

Read your headline out loud and try to visualize it. Look for words that are most important for your copy, your main keywords generally.

Example: Do not use irrelevant photos.

The image on the left has no relevance to the headline and topic overall. And you probably know by now that Pinterest can read your image, so why would you hurt your pin from the start. The topic is related to money. With this in mind, let’s analyze what other visual triggers we can use? What do people associate with money? The color green, piggy bank, coins and dollars, bank, wallet, Benjamin Franklin, charts. Money is a serious topic, so no cute script font, or funny looking colors. Here is my version of the pin.

Step 3: Right Pinterest Image (Pin) Size.


Make sure to use proper image sizing for your pins. Pinterest suggested pins with 2:3 aspect ratio for all the pins to see the best performance on the platform. Pinterest wants us to upload longer pins, to create a consistent feed for users. Since no exact numbers are mentioned, we aren’t limited to only one size.

Step 4: Eye-Catching Photo.

People come to the platform to find inspiration. Your pins are visual cues that navigate them to find the best ideas.

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best pinterest pin images
  • Do not use low-resolution photos.
  • Settle for lighter themes with a lot of white space and high saturation.
  • Avoid using dark pictures with low contrast.
  • Be creative with your pin, show a tutorial, or step by step process how to use your product or service.
  • Eliminate photos that do not support your story: for example, if your blog shares a pumpkin spice latte recipe, do not use a picture of the salad.

Step 5: Add Text Overlay with Keywords.

Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins with canva templates easy to edit

As I mentioned at the beginning, Pinterest scans your image and recognizes words, objects, etc. To make sure your pins are not left behind, use legible fonts, relevant keywords, and good contrast. Creating a beautiful yet simple typography composition is hard. If there is very little contrast between image and headline, viewers can not distinguish them, which creates a barrier to understand your intent. Position your caption in a place where people can see it, or place a color rectangle behind your text to make it pop.

Best Fonts for Pinterest Pins

most common  mistakes when Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins
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Stay away from awkward script fonts that even people can not read. Work with typography that supports your style and enhance the message you deliver. If you do use script fonts, do it correctly. The majority of scripts are designed to connect perfectly with other characters, so it creates a look of formal handwriting. Avoid all capital letters with scripts. It makes it difficult to read. You have 2 sec to get someone’s attention until your image got lost in the endless feed.

Step 6: Visual Hierarchy

Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins for food blogger

Visual hierarchy is the placement of graphic elements into the unifying visual composition( in our case, Pinterest Pin) Not every component of this composition is equally important. Good design navigates viewers’ eyes, focusing on the critical elements.

Make sure to put enough visual weight to the details that matter most. It’s simple enough: people read bigger things first. Examine your headline. What are the most important words in it, ake what words can be drooped, but people would still understand the meaning? Make these words bold, use another font or color to make it stand out. Don’t forget to give your important elements enough space to breathe.

Best Colors for Pinterest Pins

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Colors are essential elements in achieving visual balance. Different colors evoke different emotions and achieve different ends. Use the colors that would cheer your audience. Pinterest claims to be one of not many social platforms that maintain positivity in the community, and they are very proud of it. Some colors tend to perform better than others on Pinterest.

If you already have brand colors, go ahead and use it for your pins as well. I would recommend using one bright accent color to make your pin stand out. Red, purple, blue, green think of the color that is more relevant to your niche, like for food – green or yellow would be a great choice. Marketing niche may benefit from purple or red, and a blue color would compliment the health niche.

I encourage you to be open-minded and analyze the trends in your niche first. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. It’s hard to predict what would work best. Always test to see what communicates with your audience.

Step 7: Add Call to Action.

Why use call to action on Pinterest images? CTA navigate potential customers which action to take next. When designing your pin, keep in mind that your primary target is to get clicks. While saves, impressions, and repines are important, they don’t really bring traffic to you.

Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins images

For the past 20 years of online interaction, people developed unconscious habits when using the web. We now that when we slide over a bar, and it changes color, it’s a clickable button for us to go somewhere else. You can use this little trick to add more action to your pin design. Don’t forget to use visual hierarchy to make your CTA easily noticeable.

Examples: Make this, Pin this now, Repin this idea, learn more, etc. Don’t forget to use visual hierarchy to make your CTA easily noticeable.

Step 8: Brand Yourself.

Each pin you create should feel like an extension of your brand, nothing loud, like a huge logo covering half of pin real estate. Pick one brand element, either website name or logo, the most important to your judgment.

how to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins that get clicks

You can also settle on a particular color, that intimately portrays your brand, use a bit of this color across all of the pins you create. If you don’t want to settle on a one-color, that’s fine too. Instead, settle on one primary font family, or it even the photo style you use. Find a unique way to compose images into your post that will make your brand stand out.

Step 9: Use Pinterest hashtags.

top pinterest hashtags 2020

Always add a few hashtags to your pin description. Although hashtags don’t help to rank your pin in the long run, however, it’s a good idea to use a few when you are uploading a freshly designed pin. It will help Pinterest to recognize and categorize your content and show it to the right audience.

What Tool to Use to Create Pins for Pinterest?

Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins create your own pin

So now, you know all the main elements that make your pin stand out and attract desirable clicks, and you are ready to jump straight into creating. ( my favorite part ). From my experience, the software you use is not as essential as long as you know what you are doing and understand how to implement all the design rules we discussed earlier.

For people who are new to graphic design Canva, free design software, would be a great choice to start outlining your first pins. I like this platform because obviously, it’s free, but also, Canva has an intuitive interface perfect for beginners.

Should You Use Pinterest Pin Templates?

The answer will be different, depending on your skillset and situation. If you are confident in your design knowledge and have plenty of time in hands, sure do it. But if you are busy and don’t have time and desire to spend creating new appealing pins, templates may come in handy to save you hours of work and fire up your creativity. It’s a smart idea to invest in a set of templates to speed up your process.

Canva Templates for Pinterest Pin design

If you’re in a rush to show your content on Pinterest feed, check out my latest template addition of pre-designed pin templates that will get your process rolling.

Viral Pin Checklist

  • Optimized vertical Pin (aspect ratio (2:3) ;
  • An engaging image with a clear call to action;
  • Grabbing headline;
  • Optimized keyword description;
  • 3-5 different pin designs for each post;
  • Post to the most relevant board first.

Examples of Pins

Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins with canva templates

While a lot of businesses already settle with the thought that they have to use Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Pinterest is still an unexplored territory that you may debate whether to use or not. This platform could be a bit of a mystery when you land there. But it’s worth exploring and learning.


How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

In this article, I explained how to use Pinterest to its best potential, with useful tips and tricks to drive traffic to your website and convert leads into customers.
Create pins that are inspiring and visually appealing, show people ideas, and make them curious. Optimize your profile with keywords and be consistent with your pinning.

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