20 Best Modern Logo Designs Ideas for Small Business to Inspire You.

20 Best Modern Logo Designs Ideas for Small Business to Inspire You.

If you’re looking for cool logo designs inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

A company’s first marketing effort is to distinguish themself from the competition. Businesses, regardless of industry, knows the difficulty of achieving it. The logo is your first touch with potential customers. A logo represents a company or product via a mark, symbol, or signature. A badly designed logo can hurt your whole visual identity and branding.

So how do you make this touch remarkable?

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When redesigning your logo, keep this in mind.


1. Delivers your message.

An excellent logo conveys your message and makes your brand memorable and timeless.

2. Readable.

Often I encounter businesses with illegible logos. It could be a use of a fancy script font that doesn’t always look good on small screens or over-complication ideas that don’t fit together and make it hard to understand.

3. Simple.

Laud colors, lousy use of spacing and textures, often can be combined, creating disbalance between logo elements. Whether you decide to have a symbol logo or wordmark, its still good to remove extra details to make your logo easily recognizable. Simplification is a trend that many established companies are implementing now.Ā 

Cool Logo Design Examples.

Here I curated a collection of cool logos inspirations. They’re catchy, scalable, with proper use of color, legible typography, and last but not least, hold the story of their brands, romance that makes its logos timeless and unforgettable.

Minimal Feminine Signature BrandingĀ 
Modern Blogger Monogram Logo
Feminine Signature Logo Branding
Minimal Floral Monogram Blog Logo
Mountain Logo Design BrandingĀ 
Monogram Boutique Logo Design
FeminineĀ  Photography Logo Design
Floral Hanger Fashion Logo
Botanical Signature Text Logo
Feminine Health and Fitness Coach Branding
Monogram Boutique Logo Design
Photography Logo Design
Real Estate Branding
Signature Realtor Logo Design
Succulent Logo Branding
Nature Floral Modern Branding
Yoga Studio Branding
Leaf Logo Design Branding
Minimal Floral Monogram Blog Logo
Interior Design Studio Logo Branding

Cool Logo Designs Conclusion:

I hope these collections of cool logos inspired you.

To recap:

Your business logo has to be aligned with its intended purpose.

A well-designed logo should look great when reduced or enlarged without compromising on the quality.Ā 

Good logos stand out by sending a clear message about business offers ā€“ both in service and in value.

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