Best Fonts for Branding. How to choose the right font for Your Brand.

I am genuinely impressed by the number of free fonts available to us today. Typography, along with color, plays a crucial role in branding. That’s why its important to choose one that fits your brand. If you are reading this post, you probably wonder what the best fonts for branding are. There’s no one right answer to this question. It’s all dependent on your brand.

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for a typeface for your brand:

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1. Personality

Best fonts for branding your small business
Compare these two interfaces, where I change TD Bank font to Comic Sans.

The font you choose should reflect the vibe and energy of your brand. For example, choosing Comic Sans can be a wise idea if you are in children’s early education market, but not so much if you do business with an older audience. 

2. Legibility

fonts branding free

Avoid using fancy typography or only uppercase text in big bodies of writing as it hurts the reader’s eyes. Best practice to only use decorative fonts for titles and headlines since you want to drive the reader’s attention.

3. Font family

google fonts for blog design

The majority of not decorative fonts come in a wide selection of weights and different styles. It’s a good idea to choose a typeface that gives you a lot of flexibility since you can create exciting visual effects by only mixing styles of one font.

4. Limit your fonts

how many fonts should a brand have

Avoid using more than 2-3 fonts. Combining fonts can be very challenging since not all families and styles work well together. For this purpose, I would recommend using less. Or even one font, but with a wide variety of styles, as I mentioned earlier.

Best fonts for branding.

Here is my collection of best fonts for branding to add some peach to your design and help you get started on creating your own brand. All the following fonts are from the Google Fonts book, completely free to use.

Open Sans

Open Sans is a trendy web font designed by Steve Matteson. It has ten different styles and works well for both title and body text and also suites well with many sans serif and serif fonts.


Roboto is another contemporary font choice of many designers. Made by Christian Robertson. This font visually presents a combination of geometrical shapes and friendly and open curves. A great option if you are pairing it with other font families.


The modern-looking free font on Google Fonts. Widely used among designers. It has 18 different styles for full creative freedom. Montserrat works exceptionally well in big uppercase headlines, and body copy.


Lato is a very unique and interesting sans-serif font. Created by Łukasz Dziedzic and includes ten styles. It comes in a super-thin form to ultra-bold.


Poppins is a very elegant looking san serif that works well in both print and digital media. This typeface is based on pure geometry, mostly circles. Poppins is one of the newer fonts, but already widely loved. You got to choose from 18 styles.


The Prompt typeface has vast proportions and airy negative space. It is a good fit for web and print media. It has simple geometric forms and works harmoniously in body composition. 


Best fonts for branding Philosopher google font

The Philosopher is a unique font, slightly combined with elements of the sans serif family. Great to use for logos, magazines, and digital media.


Best fonts for branding martel

Created by Dan Reynolds this font is an elegant and readable typeface that can well purpose in a logo or web copy. 


This typeface created in the late 90s for printing some old handwritten text but re-established itself in our time. You can use the charm and elegance of Caudex to create a charming and feminine look for your brand.

Here is a great resource to find great font pairing for your design: FontPair

Best fonts for branding.


There are many libraries open to us when it comes to sourcing your fonts. I hope you found my list of ‘Best fonts for branding’ inspiring and have a better idea of what to look for when selecting typography for your brand. 

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