20 Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Promote Your Brand.

20 Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Promote Your Brand.

Instagram stories are a massive opportunity for every business to engage with its audience. They are short, entertaining, and exciting to watch. 

In the past years, the Instagram story feature has grown to nearly 1 billion monthly users. The number is insane, and almost half of those users use stories on everyday basics. Did you know that 1 in 4 Millennials uses stories to find and interact with a product or service? 

Although Stories are kind of a raw, unpolished version of your static feed, it’s still important not to underlook the esthetics of it. When the platform is saturated with beautiful professional shots and visuals, users get spoiled in a way, and dark, blurry pictures won’t do it anymore.

The great thing about stories is – they would disappear in 24 hours, and if anything went wrong, you could start over again the next day.

Is your creativity running low? I’ve been there many times.

Here is my list of 20 ideas to inspire your next story and rock the Instagram algorithms.

Let’s jump in.

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20 Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Promote Your Brand.

1. Promote your latest blog post

If you have a blog, with regularly( or almost regularly ) published articles, you can easily repurpose, and promote it on Instagram. Create a premade new blog post graphic and reuse it every time your fresh blog lunches.

Extra step. Take a few minutes to copy and paste your main headings into separate stories. Maybe include a short one-sentence description to go with it. This way, you created 4-6 stories and cross-promoted hard work of yours.


2. Repost your new post

Use Template

Its sadly feels that stories became a sort of separate world, outside of your feed, and people don’t check your page anymore. Drive traffic back to your page by promoting your latest post in the stories. Add some cute to make it pop.

3. Create a collage of images

Sometimes I find myself swiping through other people’s stories just for the aesthetic mood they bring. I love beautiful pictures, and having an iPhone in our days basically opens a world of content creation to anyone. Swap a few photos of a beautiful sunset, or park you stroll through and share with your audience.

4. Create This or That

This or That type of Stories have been showing up everywhere in the past month or so. It seems to be the latest trend, and its a fantastic way to engage people. Encourage your audience to screenshot the story and share it in their stories with their answers and tag you in it.

Here is a free story template for your next story.

Instagram Questions

5. Share a testimonial

An easy way to establish trust with potential clients is by sharing testimonies. Did people leave you a favorable review, that makes you proud of what you do, don’t be shy share it.

6. Share a quote

Who doesn’t love quotes? I have seen whole accounts created around quotes sharing. Add some extra motivation to your feed. Quotes are easy to create, just copy and paste your best-loved into the template and share it. You can get my free templates here. It’s perfect for Instagram or Pinterest marketing.

Quote Template

7. Share your favorite account

Do you adore any other accounts? Introduce your audience to them. It can also help you establish a friendly relationship with other like-minded content creators.

8. Ask for an opinion

Are you struggling with something? Seek help in the town (aka Instagram). People love to be involved in other’s lives. Use a Poll feature to engage them. You can even use it to research your next content topic or product launch.

By the way, avoid placing sticker too close to the screen edges, users may be unable to interact with it.

9. Answer a question

Did you receive an interesting question from your audience lately? Answer it in your story. You can even tag a person who asked you the question to flatter them. (obviously, only if it wasn’t personal)

10. Share your favorite book, movie

Share something that will benefit your audience. We often can get stuck on the choice of our next book or movie, if you read or saw something great lately, share it. People might find it valuable.

11. Promote your product

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to remind people that you have a product or service you sell.

12. Share a freebie

We all love freebies. And if you are running an online business, you probably have a lead magnet or something in that sort, Promote it in your stories. You may be surprised how many people don’t know about it.

13. Create highlights

Consider creating introductory highlights for people who just landed on your page and have no idea what’s up. Think about how you would introduce yourself to a stranger and create 4-5 highlights to showcase your work, your services, products, etc. You can find free Highlights Covers here

14. Day-to-day life

Since stories are meant to be a life on the go sort of thing, sharing insights of your day, like morning coffee or midday yoga class. No need to overthink it.

15. Share a recipe

Even if you are not a food blogger, food is an integral part of our life, and once in a while I would film my dinner cooking process and share with the audience, and it does work, people just love it.

16. Use hashtags in your story

Bring in a new audience by using hashtags.
By now, we all know that hashtags are an excellent free tool to get discovered by a new audience. But the majority of us only use tags in our posts. Guess what you can do the same with your stories. I tend to add ten hashtags to each of my story, and then minimize it, so it’s unseen to people, but Instagram nows its there.

17. Share inspiration

My favorite. As a designer, I am always chasing new sources of inspiration, whether pictures, textures, or furniture. I usually have tons of screenshots saved just for inspiration, I bet I am not alone. Share your inspiration with a world.

18. Share a wallpaper

Positive Quote Wallpaper

People love this type of content. When you do post a wallpaper, remember to give it some breath on the sides since people will be making a screenshot of it. Make the first slide with a call to action, like ” Get ready to screenshot a wallpaper” and use the second slide as the wallpaper itself. It’s okay if you not a designer. You can share some of my wallpapers here.


If you need more inspiration, check my Instagram Story Templates here

What are your favorite stories to watch? Share in the comments. 


Does your Instagram feed make you look like the expert you are?

Let me know if you need help putting together a cohesive visual story to represent your brand.


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