14 Best Digital Product Ideas to Sell Online (2020)

In this article, I will give you a list of the best digital product Ideas and services you can create and sell. You will walk away with an understanding of what is digital products; what are their benefits for your business and resources for further steps. So get excited, and let’s dive in. 

Whether you’re looking to add some extra income or launch an online business, you are in the right place.

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Why should you create digital products?

  • Source of passive income;
  • Low upfront investment; 
  • Access to a wide variety of users(online world) 
  • No quantity limit
  • You have full creative control
  • Demonstrate yourself as a pro in your niche.
  • Adds value to your customers 

What are digital products?

Digital products are goods delivered in electronic format. The main types of digital products are: 

  • Written content: worksheets, ebooks, checklists.
  • Audio: Podcast, music
  • Video: webinars, online consultations, etc.

My List of Best Digital Product Ideas.


Worksheets are often a shorter form of content that breaks down a small topic in a particular industry. Good examples are detailed step by step explanation on “How to organize your file,” or “How to train a puppy.”


The average length of the eBook is between 10-100 pages long. eBooks are a great source of knowledge, and I am sure we all did purchase a few in the past. Compare to a standard book, the topic of the digital-book is more specific. For that reason, prices are lower and easily consumed by the public, who can quickly read them on their computers.


planner Best Digital Products Ideas

People love planning. If you run a Google search for planners, you will find tons of fantastic planner ideas. An excellent place to start is Etsy. This market place is thriving with products of this sort. Few ideas for your planner: Selfcare and social media blog planner, website Planner, apartment redesign planner. Shortcut to making something happen.


E-Learning is the future of education, according to Forbes. Researches are predicting massive growth in this industry, up to $325 Billion by 2025. I spend almost 2k on e-learning in recent years. ECourses are more in-depth, so they require more involvement, but you can charge a higher price for it. The goal is the same, a step by step process to simplify some area of life. For more ideas, check my favorite eCourse platforms: Lynda.com, Udemy, Coursera. 

5.Email/Social media challenges

Best Digital Products Ideas to sell online

No one likes to fail. Challenges keep us motivated and help to achieve higher results. You can use it to boost your traffic and engagement. Last week I participated in the social media challenge to connect with the Instagram audience, and I saw great results. Few other ideas: build your list for email marketing, get a body of your dream, juicing challenge design your website in 7 days, etc. You can accommodate the formula for your specific niche.  


online Consultation to make passive income

You can be a product yourself. The line between product and service seems a bit blurry now. Customers don’t care much about the difference. You can consider a few options: a fix price service or individual case pricing. As an example, you can buy a premade logo package or pay someone to do it for you. 


Memberships are becoming more and more popular. You can build a strong monthly revenue for your business. It could be a unique monthly photo pack subscription or couching groups on business, cooking, sport, new moms, and so on. 


Best Digital Products Ideas for your small business

Templates are so on trend now, look around PixelBubbha or Creative Market. They save time, easy to use, and you can create them using free software like Canva or Adobe Spark. Anything from customizable flyers to website templates. Take a look at my Pinterest template, by the way, it’s free, so grab yourself a copy.

9.Graphic Design

Do you know your way in Adobe Suite? You can be making anything from logos, to.PSD templates, to icon packs, to PowerPoint themes, to fonts. You can apply your skills in numerous ways to create a variety of digital products for sale.

10.Web Design

Every business needs a website. Do you know the way around popular website platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, Showit, or WordPress? It’s not the most intuitive platform, and even after buying a template, business owners have frustration and anxiety about maintaining their site. You can be the next website guru or offer a workshop to educate them. 

11.Pinterest Manager

Pinterest Manager how to make money in 2020

It’s not shocking information that Pinterest is an excellent and relatively easy source of traffic, compare to Google. But this platform has its learning curve and algorithms not intuitive for newcomers. If its something you feel strongly knowledgeable about, why not teach others how to master Pinterest? Become an expert and help businesses gain traffic and grow the revenue. 

12.Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) helps business owners free their hands to handle other business errands. Often its a remote, part-time position. You can specialize in a specific skill set, for example, a real estate virtual assistant. Or do a variety of duties within a particular industry.

13.Social Media Manager

Social Media became a part of our everyday life. And companies need professionals to help then manage g their online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

14.Instagram Face Filters Designer

Instagram Face Filters Designer product to sell in 2020

Its a relatively new trend, but people are already making money on it. Why people buy masks? With an increasing number of Instagram bloggers, the demand for Face Filters grew as well. Filters benefit their blog awareness and attract more subscribers. Helpful article if you want to learn more

Best Digital Product Ideas

  • Worksheets
  • eBooks
  • Planners
  • eCourse
  • Email/Social Media Challenges
  • Consultation
  • Memberships
  • Templates
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Pinterest Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Instagram Face Filters Designer


Are you still daunting yourself, what if it’s not for me? Well, the only way to find out is to try. The hardest part is deciding on the product, gets more straightforward from there.

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